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Leaving accident scene adds charges on top of DUI

Entertainment and outdoor venues in the area of New Jersey attract tourists. Unfortunately, unfamiliar surroundings or intoxication can result in visitors getting into traffic accidents. Although hitting a vehicle, bicyclist or pedestrian naturally distresses a driver, fleeing the scene of an accident will force a prosecutor to apply additional criminal charges beyond what might have happened had a person stayed at the scene.

Bicyclist hit-and-run example

In one incident, witnesses summoned officers from the Long Beach Township Police Department to Long Beach Boulevard after seeing a bicyclist hit by a 2020 Jeep Liberty. The 63-year-old male bicyclist had been riding north when the vehicle that was also northbound allegedly hit him. According to statements given to police, the driver turned around after striking the bicyclist and then rapidly left the area. The victim suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to Atlantic City Medical Center.

Arrest and criminal charges

According to information provided by the Ocean County Prosecutor and Long Beach Township Police Chief, investigators determined that a 41-year-old man had been behind the wheel of the Jeep Liberty. They said that he was likely intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Police arrested him at his home in Little Egg Harbor Township.

The prosecutor began by charging the man with driving under the influence. Because the man had left an injured bicyclist in the street, he must contend with additional charges for driving recklessly and failing to report an accident.

Importance of legal advice after a DUI arrest

If you have been arrested for DUI or other charges related to traffic violations, you might feel that your defense options are limited. Police and prosecutors are motivated to process as many cases involving drugs and alcohol as possible, and they may give the impression that your conviction is inevitable. The unbiased view of a criminal defense attorney might reveal otherwise. You may find a way to mitigate the consequences of a drunk driving arrest with legal support.

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