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What sort of casino tricks could result in criminal charges?

Many people plan a visit to the strip at Atlantic City with the hope of beating the house and securing a big payout. They may not understand that gambling tourism is major industry in New Jersey that receives special legal protection.

It is common for people to create complex strategies as a way of improving their chances of success while gambling. Some of these strategies are legal, but others could leave you at risk of facing criminal charges. Before you decide to hit up a casino and make some money, make sure your plans won’t violate any state laws.

It is not against the law to count cards at blackjack

Card counting is perhaps the most famous of all forms of gaming a casino. There have been several movies made about savants capable of counting cards, even if the casino uses multiple deck shufflers.

Counting the cards can give a person an advantage, as they can calculate the statistic probability of getting blackjack or going over 21 with any given deal. Although you cannot face criminal charges for counting cards, casinos can and will kick you out. If you attempt to re-enter a facility that has banned you, you could face trespassing or similar charges.

Hacking or manipulating a digital slot machine could result in criminal charges

Some people swear by certain tricks for winning at slots. Examples include playing machines located at certain positions in the casino or playing at certain times of the day, week or month.

Other people have taken it a step further, trying to find a way to hack and digitally manipulate slot machines and other digital gambling devices. Hacking a machine to alter its programming from the standard is likely a criminal act.

Forging chips for playing can also result in criminal charges

What better way to win at gambling than by not making an initial financial investment? Some people will purchase or even manufacture chips intended to look similar to those used by licensed New Jersey casinos. Doing so could result in criminal charges.

Setting up your own game or slot machine

Only regulated facilities using tested machines and fair games can obtain legal licensing and permission to gamble in New Jersey. You can’t set up any device, game or facility for gambling without going through the proper channels. While operating the games is the best way to profit from gambling, it also requires substantial upfront investment to do so legally.

If you have a gambling strategy that you feel may fall in a legally gray area or if you have already been charged with a criminal offense related to an activity in a casino, you want to speak with an experienced New Jersey attorney who understands criminal defense and casino cases.

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