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Casinos and fighting: How to avoid getting mixed up in a brawl

Atlantic City’s casinos are famous. Tourists flock from all over to try their luck at the wheel, card table or slots. While the rush of adrenaline you experience when on a roll in a casino may make you feel indestructible, you are not. Fights often break out inside and outside of gambling establishments for a variety of reasons. How can you avoid having your fun trip ruined over a late night brawl?

A high-profile fight outside a casino involving the mayor and a councilman brought the issue of physical altercations in casinos to light. Mixed up in the altercation was the mayor of Atlantic City and a city councilman. The fight made headlines across the area. The news sheds light on some of the pitfalls people fall into when enjoying a day or night of gambling.

Alcohol consumption

You do not have to frequent a casino to know that one of the biggest draws is alcohol. Some tables allow you to drink for free for as long as you and your chips play there. The more people consume those adult beverages, the less likely they are to think clearly. An offhanded remark or just an overall shift in a person’s mood due to cocktails contributes to the likelihood an altercation may break out.

Winning or losing

Alongside the alcohol is the high stakes of gambling. When people do well, egos and emotions are at an all-time high. Verbal exchanges may turn physical if those who are not so fortunate get mad because of the big talk. Casinos do not tolerate verbal or physical fights. Security often escorts people engaging in this type of behavior out, sometimes against their will. The casino may even call the police, and the situation can escalate fast.

Some people find the thrills of gambling exciting while others may not. The pull of the casino does not have to end in getting kicked out if you play your cards right. Know your limits, financially and in terms of alcohol consumption. Know, too, when to walk away from a situation that may get you kicked out or locked up.

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