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4 common driving crimes in New Jersey

Most traffic tickets are for infractions, such as improperly passing, failing to yield for a pedestrian and failing to stop at a stop sign. These infractions may add up points on your driving record, but they do not have criminal consequences. 

There are plenty of driving violations that are misdemeanor and felony offenses. Here are some of the most common driving-related crimes in New Jersey. 

1. Driving under the influence

Of course, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal. If a police officer detects alcohol or drugs in your system, he or she may arrest you, and you may face criminal charges. The potential consequences of a DUI often include hefty fines, jail time and license suspension. The punishments for a DUI depend on the level of intoxication and whether there is any property damage or personal injury. 

2. Driving without a license

In New Jersey, it is illegal to operate a car in the following circumstances:

  • You do not have a license at all.
  • Your license is under a temporary suspension.
  • Your license is permanently revoked.

Make sure you always take your license with you whenever you drive a vehicle. If you have a suspended or revoked license, do not attempt to drive.

3. Leaving an accident

When a motor vehicle crash happens, state law requires you to stay at the scene. You must wait for medical help and police to arrive. If you get into a collision, make sure you do not leave, otherwise known as committing a hit-and-run.

4. Reckless driving

Whenever you drive, you must demonstrate a regard for the safety of everyone. If you are driving carelessly, you may face legal repercussions. Some examples of dangerous driving include the following:

  • Racing
  • Excessively speeding
  • Eluding a police officer

You may lose your driving privileges, face fines and even deal with jail time for a reckless driving violation. 

Whenever you get a ticket or criminal charge, make sure you explore your options for fighting it.

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