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Casino crimes in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Visitors and casino patrons in Atlantic City are usually just looking for fun and a good time. However, sometimes such individuals find themselves arrested for alleged casino crimes. There are a range of casino crimes that can occur in Atlantic City, and sometimes a patron gets unexpectedly caught up in an arrest.

Here are a few of the most common casino crimes in Atlantic City and some additional information about how to proceed if authorities make an arrest.

Casino offenses involving alcohol

Despite a slow start to the gaming season in 2018 due to a blizzard, the casino industry in Atlantic City is growing, with two new venues expected to open in the summer. More chances for gaming can lead to more chances for casino offenses, which authorities in Atlantic City take very seriously. 

Sometimes, players let their drinking get a bit out of hand. When that happens, mixed with the high emotions and frustration that can result from a losing streak in a casino or a dispute with casino security or another patron, alcohol-related offenses could result. These may include disorderly conduct and/or assault. 

Casino offenses with security personnel

Casinos staff plenty of security personnel, not police. These personnel do not have the same rights or responsibilities as sworn police officers, and as such, they may at times conduct themselves in ways that go beyond their capacity as a security guard. Sometimes, people charged with a crime in a casino may have a solid defense based on the conduct of security personnel or police officers who acted beyond their mandate.

Theft and fraud in a casino

Theft and fraud can be strong temptations in a casino setting, where one moment of misjudgment could lead to an arrest. Stealing chips is a crime, as is writing a bad check, cheating in a casino game or playing while underage.

In Atlantic City, casino crime allegations can be common, but there are attorneys who can help individuals facing such accusations build a defense. If authorities charge you with a casino crime, you should contact an attorney with experience in handling these cases.

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