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Do not drive with a suspended driver’s license

It may not seem like a big deal for you to drive around on a suspended license in Pleasantville. But driving on a suspended license is a criminal activity that carries penalties of incarceration, fines and additional consequences that could result in the permanent revocation of your driving privileges. You could also face additional misdemeanor and felony charges if you break the law while driving on a suspended license. 

Sometimes, motorists do not know their driving licenses are no longer valid until they commit a traffic violation or some other traffic offense that causes law enforcement to pull them over. There are many issues that can lead to a suspension of your driver’s license, such as excessive parking and traffic tickets, a DUI, reckless driving and other legal violations. 

The impact of having your driving privileges under suspension 

Driving with a suspended license charge can make it harder for you to get around to work, school and other areas around Pleasantville. You may think you cannot afford to keep your vehicle’s registration, insurance and traffic tickets now, but the cost of using other means of transportation, reinstating your driving privileges and higher insurance costs should be enough to make you think twice. 

Eligibility is different from reinstatement 

Your license is not automatically reinstated after the suspension period has passed. You must apply to have it reinstated, and the law does not guarantee approval. You must complete a process and mandatory criteria first. Keep in mind that driving on a suspended license that is up for reinstatement is the same as not having a valid license. You risk more penalties, driving record point accumulation and more. 

You may face many hardships that make it hard for you to deal with issues that can compromise your legal driving privileges. To avoid further complications that can have a negative impact on your livelihood and driving privileges, you might want to speak with an attorney about how to resolve your situation.

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