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Is marijuana still illegal in New Jersey?

The general attitude toward marijuana has been changing over the years. Not long ago, people would not have questioned the legality in New Jersey. They just knew that marijuana was illegal at the state and federal level all over the country.

That's not true anymore. While it's still illegal federally, many states are adopting pro-marijuana laws. These started in places like Colorado, but they have since spread all the way to Michigan and a handful of other states. The stigma is changing for many people who, for their entire lives, thought of this as illegal.

How does New Jersey penalize reckless driving offenses?

Reckless driving charges can arise from seemingly harmless mistakes that people make at the wheel. Even situations where no one gets hurt and no property gets damaged can lead to reckless driving charges. Maybe you were in a rush and exceeded the speed limit by more than you thought, or perhaps you had a close call with a nearby vehicle on the highway, only to get pulled over by a state trooper.

Regardless of the reason behind the charges, people are often surprised to learn how serious their so-called minor infraction actually is. Unlike many traffic citations, reckless driving isn't just a ticket that you can pay and forget about.

What sort of casino tricks could result in criminal charges?

Many people plan a visit to the strip at Atlantic City with the hope of beating the house and securing a big payout. They may not understand that gambling tourism is major industry in New Jersey that receives special legal protection.

It is common for people to create complex strategies as a way of improving their chances of success while gambling. Some of these strategies are legal, but others could leave you at risk of facing criminal charges. Before you decide to hit up a casino and make some money, make sure your plans won't violate any state laws.

3 common alcohol crimes

Many people consume alcoholic beverages to simply relax or have a good time. Unfortunately, things can sometimes get out of hand when people are drunk. Drunk individuals may face criminal charges for a variety of offenses, from driving under the influence to disorderly conduct.

In fact, New Jersey even has a Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control to address these unique problems. There are many state laws to prohibit unlawful possessions or use of alcoholic beverages. Here are some offenses that commonly occur in relation to alcohol.

The new expungement law and clearing a criminal record

A criminal conviction can have a lasting negative effect, even after the person serves his or her debt to society. Thankfully, depending upon the severity of the offense, an expungement may be possible.

In 2018, a new expungement law went into place that intends to aid more people in receiving the expungements they seek.

Casinos and fighting: How to avoid getting mixed up in a brawl

Atlantic City's casinos are famous. Tourists flock from all over to try their luck at the wheel, card table or slots. While the rush of adrenaline you experience when on a roll in a casino may make you feel indestructible, you are not. Fights often break out inside and outside of gambling establishments for a variety of reasons. How can you avoid having your fun trip ruined over a late night brawl?

A high-profile fight outside a casino involving the mayor and a councilman brought the issue of physical altercations in casinos to light. Mixed up in the altercation was the mayor of Atlantic City and a city councilman. The fight made headlines across the area. The news sheds light on some of the pitfalls people fall into when enjoying a day or night of gambling.

4 common driving crimes in New Jersey

Most traffic tickets are for infractions, such as improperly passing, failing to yield for a pedestrian and failing to stop at a stop sign. These infractions may add up points on your driving record, but they do not have criminal consequences. 

There are plenty of driving violations that are misdemeanor and felony offenses. Here are some of the most common driving-related crimes in New Jersey. 

How a traffic stop can lead to drug charges in New Jersey

No one likes getting a traffic ticket, especially for something very minor. Fines, driving courses, driver's license points and higher insurance are all likely consequences you have to deal with. Usually, after paying the ticket, you can get back on with your life.

However, sometimes routine traffic stops for small infractions such as failing to use a turn signal can become more serious. What starts out as the police pulling you over for a simple matter can lead to drug charges in the end, as happened to this New Jersey man. His story is not unique, though. New Jersey news reports reveal there are many more like it, exposing how real a risk it is.

Casino crimes in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Visitors and casino patrons in Atlantic City are usually just looking for fun and a good time. However, sometimes such individuals find themselves arrested for alleged casino crimes. There are a range of casino crimes that can occur in Atlantic City, and sometimes a patron gets unexpectedly caught up in an arrest.

Here are a few of the most common casino crimes in Atlantic City and some additional information about how to proceed if authorities make an arrest.

Do not drive with a suspended driver’s license

It may not seem like a big deal for you to drive around on a suspended license in Pleasantville. But driving on a suspended license is a criminal activity that carries penalties of incarceration, fines and additional consequences that could result in the permanent revocation of your driving privileges. You could also face additional misdemeanor and felony charges if you break the law while driving on a suspended license. 

Sometimes, motorists do not know their driving licenses are no longer valid until they commit a traffic violation or some other traffic offense that causes law enforcement to pull them over. There are many issues that can lead to a suspension of your driver’s license, such as excessive parking and traffic tickets, a DUI, reckless driving and other legal violations. 


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