Understanding the New Jersey Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system in the State of New Jersey has three court systems:

  • Criminal
  • Quasi-criminal
  • Motor vehicle cases

Initially one of two separate court systems deals with criminal, quasi-criminal and motor vehicle cases: The Municipal Courts and Superior Courts.

Once a defendant has been tried, he or she has the right to appeal a guilty verdict. This is done through the Appellate Court System. Mr. Feldman does not handle any appellate work.

Municipal Courts

Each city in New Jersey has a Municipal Court. Cases heard in the municipal courts are non-indictable, quasi-criminal cases and all motor vehicle infractions, including drunk driving. There are no jury trials in the Municipal Courts of the State of New Jersey.

When the individual is initially arrested, the Municipal Court Judge in the city where the arrest occurs sets the initial bail. More likely than not, if the charge is indictable and ultimately to be forwarded to the Superior Court for disposition, then bail applications would have to be made to a Superior Court Judge.

Superior Courts

The second Court system is known as the Superior Court of the State of New Jersey. It is in the Superior Court that criminal indictable cases are handled. It is also within the Superior Court that persons charged with serious criminal offenses are subject to jury trials.

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