Accused Of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence accusations are taken very seriously in New Jersey. Physical injury does not need to occur in these cases. Even the accusation of a simple threat or harassment can be enough for the alleged victims to obtain a restraining order, get you removed from your home and keep you away from your children. If you are convicted, you could be facing severe penalties, including license suspension, jail time and the loss of your right to possess a firearm.

If charges have been filed against you, it is important that you seek the advice of a reliable Atlantic City domestic violence defense attorney who understands the law and has the ability to protect your rights. At the Law Office of Steven J. Feldman, I represent clients in all phases of domestic violence matters.

Fighting To Protect Your Rights

I am attorney Steven Feldman and I have represented people accused of violence against spouses, children, parents, domestic partners and others. When you choose my firm to defend you in these matters, I will pursue every available option in an effort to protect your interests. From minimizing the impact of any restraining order that may have been issued against you to fighting a criminal charge in court, I will be there with you at every step.

In some cases, false accusations are made out of spite or to gain an advantage in a child custody or other legal dispute. I work diligently to uncover false accusations and to see that you are not held accountable for an offense you did not commit. In every case, my only concern is to secure the best possible resolution on your behalf.

Speak To An Egg Harbor Township Harassment Charge Attorney

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