The Stakes Are High, But You Have Rights

If you are facing criminal charges, it is important to recognize that the stakes are high. The outcome of this case could change the course of your life. Will you lose your driver's license? Will you pay fines? Will you spend time behind bars? Will you be left with a criminal record?

Or will you walk away with your life and your future intact?

Thankfully, you have rights. You can enlist an experienced Atlantic City criminal defense lawyer who knows the law and is willing to fight to protect your rights.

At the Law Office of Steven J. Feldman, I have dedicated my career to defending people accused of crimes. Every day, I work hard to prevent the criminal justice system from trampling over the rights of people who made mistakes or who have been wrongfully accused. I come to these cases with more than 40 years of experience. I am a certified criminal trial attorney as designated by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. This designation recognizes attorneys who have demonstrated high levels of education, knowledge and skill.

A Former Atlantic County Prosecutor On Your Side

Prior to becoming a criminal defense lawyer, I served for several years as an assistant prosecutor in Atlantic County. I have seen firsthand how prosecutors handle cases. I know their motivations and tactics. My complete understanding of the law from both sides of criminal law cases allows me to provide much more effective representation.

An Unwavering Commitment To Your Rights

My law firm is set apart by an unwavering commitment to protecting clients' rights and my diligent pursuit of a positive outcome in every case. I personally handle every aspect of your case, and promptly address any issues or concerns that arise. From defending local residents and out-of-town visitors against casino crime charges to fighting serious drunk driving offenses, I am prepared to provide the dedicated representation you need.

Free Consultation With An Experienced Attorney

Ready to protect your rights and your future? Contact my Pleasantville law office to schedule a free initial consultation about your criminal defense case. You can reach me at any time by calling 609-272-8989 or toll free at 866-425-7947. You can also contact me via email.